Monday, March 12, 2007

An Open Letter to Al Gore

Dear Vice President (President?) Albert Gore,
Please do not run for President. Now is not the time or the place. You are doing far too much good in the fight against climate change. You'd have to stop you work for the next two years in order to focus on the campaign, and as you keep saying, time is of the essence in race to save our green earth.

Plus, don't you think you could be much more useful (and fun) to be the Secretary of Energy in a Democratic Administration? Think of all the great meetings you could have with oil company lobbyists and former Halliburton executives:

Gore: Hi, thanks for coming by.

Oil Lobbyist: Sure thing, thanks for having me. Let me fill you in on where I left off with the Bush administration.

Gore: Hold on a second. I wasn't aware the oil industry had anything useful to contribute to national energy policy any longer. We will be operating in the real world now with actual science used as the basis for policy. You have nothing to say? Like I said, thanks for coming by.

In either case, give the job some thought. It's much better for you than the Presidency.

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